No gambling transactions – no profit

Robokassa service is looking for new owners, due to falling profits after gambling-related gray money transfers were blocked. In the way they work.

Payment market experts consider this decision reasonable and logical: about 15% of earnings of such companies are accounted for gray traffic service. In addition, the financial market has increased competition due to the fact that large financial institutions have turned to microbusinesses and began to actively work with them.

Aggregators like Robokassa have a hard time winning over banking institutions, which can use their infrastructure to build a system to process requests from “piecemeal” clients. This is facilitated by the expansion of the range of technical solutions. To be in demand, such services have to offer new, more modern models instead of the aging card system.

Robokassa’s revenue last year was just over 1 billion rubles, 35% more than in pre-crisis 2019. The vast majority of this volume was provided by cooperation with small companies.

The administration of Robokassa, as well as the banks, which are named as potential buyers, do not yet comment on the information about the possible transaction.

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